The word Lykke means happiness in Danish.

But there is much more to this word. Lykke is more powerful because it's also a lifestyle that aims to be happy. Just like that.


We believe that learning about the world around us and experiencing different spheres of life, allows us to shape ourselves and pursue our happiness.


We extend our hand for better knowledge. We extend a hand for cooperation. We extend a hand for happiness.

We offer a wide range of thematic workshops addressing issues of mental health, addictions, psychosocial competence-building skills, physical activity, or parenting problems. Our offer is aimed at business representatives - HR professionals, managers, directors, students, teachers, people working with children, and parents. Our courses are created by a group of experts - practicing psychologists and educators.

The pillars of Lyke World are: EduLyke, SensoLyke and SmartLyke.

EduLyke and SmartLyke are built on and for education. SensoLyke thrives within the psychophysical realm. Lyke is created for the sake of development and cognition.

Founded in 2016, Lyke emerged from a desire to create opportunities supporting physical and mental health, education, and development. Our team comprises individuals passionate about aiding others and devising solutions to simplify life for both children and adults.

By aligning with these values, you are moving in the right direction.

Lyke means thousands of satisfied customers

LYKE programs are implemented in hundreds of educational institutions and companies in Poland. We support students, teachers, parents, and company employees. Continuously evolving, we refine our offerings to exceed customer expectations.

Curious to learn more? Contact us! We're eager to address all your inquiries.